shipping information

Information on shipping:

We usually ship an Mondays or Tuesdays as soon as possible after availability and payment receipt.

Shippingcosts within Austria are 5,50 Euro per package (each max. 7 queens). Shipping costs within EU or other country (from the list) are 10,00 Euro per package (each max. 7 queens). Additionally there will be billed 17,- Euro for traces documents of the veternary authority, which are required by law. We ship priority and registered.

We can't guarantee that queens and accompanying bees arrive alive. The shipping risk remains on the buyers side. 

We assume no liability for delivery delays caused through higher powers, or problems on side of one of our logistic partners like Austrian Post, DPD, GLS, UPS or DHL. Also we assume no liability for lost shipments, specially in case of shipping to a foreign country. We assume no liability for living arrival of the queens. The risk therefor is explicit on the side of the buyer. 

The possibility of delivery is reserved.