beck obendorferFranz Obendorfer holds a master degree and runs a professional organic beekeeping business based in Wilfersdorf near Mistelbach in Lower Austria. Robert Beck also runs a certified organic beekeeping business in Gerasdorf near Vienna. In both farms, we manage a total of about 250-300 bee colonies.

One of our branches of business is honey production for our own Blütengold® brand. In the region we only harvest blossom honey in various varieties (acacia, rapeseed, sunflower, ...).

In addition, we are intensively engaged in breeding, with our focus on carniolan pure breeding of the 6 lines of the strain Sklenar. Since we have worked closely together for many years, the step towards cooperation as a breeding cooperation was obvious. By pooling our work and infrastructure, there are many benefits for our customers. One of the most important points is the significantly larger selection base by the bee colonies of two farms. Of course we can handle bigger production capacities and the resulting logistics. In recent years we have been able to send our queens to customers from around 25 countries.

im hirschgrundOur main location is situated only 7 kilometers away of isolated queen mating station Hirschgrund, where Ökonomierat Guido Sklenar worked as manager of the mating sation. The station is located in the forest of Mistelbach, the neighbour town of Franz Obendorfers homevillage market town Wilfersdorf. Even Guido Sklenar lived around 1890 four years long in a village of his home town. So for that geographicle reason alone we have a deep connection to the world famous Sklenarbee.

2IMOur breeding work goes hand in hand with beekeeping past-master Anton Schleining. He has even got his own queen genetics from Hannerl Weber-Skelnar, daughter of Guido Sklenar. Beekeeping master Schleining led Hirschgrund between 1985 and 2014 himself. Through these 30 years he took care for the father colonies and could so further improve the breeding selection.Through his rigorous selection process, he has managed to make the lines very consistent and far more stable. We owe it to him that today we have a Sklenarbee that is very gentle and delivers great honey yields.

Personally, we are proud to work with Guido Sklenar's original genetics and to have one of the most experienced beekeepers of our time as mentor.

We invite you to look around the website and we would be glad about any orders or inquiries!

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